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We always acknowledge the significance of the privacy and security of personal information about individuals (“Personal Information”). Our privacy always describes our practices regarding personal information collected through our website.

Our Privacy Statement is effective from May 2021. We legally have the right to update it from time to time.

Compilation and use of personal information:

We collect personal information automatically sent by you like small text files that recognize repeat visitors and track their visits to a website. Personal information collected may depend upon your browser settings. We only collect the information to understand how our website is used by all visitors around the globe.

We only have the information provided when you contact us, complete information request forms, submit information with respect to employment opportunities or use the electronic commerce features of this website.

You are voluntarily providing any such personal information to us and are thereby consenting to its use in accordance with this privacy statement and for those purposes.

Any personal information provided by you through this site may be available to our Canadian Entities affiliated entities, and to third-party service providers to our Canadian Entities. In either such case, they will meet the terms with this privacy statement.

We may use your personal information to investigate security breaches of this website or to co-operate with the authorities in investigations.

You may also have provided similar information to us in the past;if so, you consent to our continued use of any such information by agreeing to the terms of this privacy statement.

Personal information may be transferred to any successor to the legal obligations of our Canadian Entities or its affiliated entities. Your personal information is confidential.

Terms of use, disclaimers and legal notices

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